Tabitha Ramsden ( Clinic Manager)

Tabitha is our Clinic Manager and her main duties include ensuring the smooth running and marketing of the clinic, corresponding with our wonderful clients and making sure we never run out of coffee or tennis balls.

Originally from Manchester, Tabitha moved to the Highlands when she was 7 and spent the next decade living in “the middle of nowhere!”.  The big city claimed her back for a few years before she settled in Inverness, a happy balance between her two childhood homes.

Tabitha LOVES to talk and fell into a career in sales where she sold windows, advertising, football sponsorship and bins!! Along her journey, she picked up management experience, new skills and gained qualifications in social media and marketing. Her love of learning and helping people is at the heart of everything she does.

“My favourite thing about working at Alba is the people, both the staff and the patients. There are such a mixture of characters and there’s always a story to be had.  I always go home with a smile on my face and I hope I help others leave the clinic the same way”.

In her spare time Tabitha loves to cook, watch football, country rock and is a novice hillwalker (she complains all the way up and goes weeeeee all the way down)! She also enjoys spending time with her three grown up children and her grandson.

Fun Fact: Tabitha had a children’s story her father wrote for her illustrated and printed and sold over 500 copies in aid of Bowel Cancer UK