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                                   ROCKY & TWIST HICKS
I have two border collies that compete in agility, but unfortunately they have not been able to compete recently. Rocks my older dog had stiffness over his back, probably caused by two dogs running into each other. He was very uncomfortable and hunched his back up. All the vets that saw him found no reason that he could not have an active life again. We took him to see Brid then at Links Veterinary Group, where she worked on relaxing the muscles on his back and hind legs. Rocky took to Brid really well and eventually from lying like a stiff board in the treatment room he would fall asleep under her care. He has come on leaps and bounds and although not competing in agility, he can now train at home on lower heights and do all the contact equipment. He now goes on very long hill walks with my husband with no after effects whatsoever. He is a very happy boy now.
My second dog Twist, who doesn’t always look where he is going, sadly ran at very fast speed into a fence post and exploded his cruciate ligament. As he is an active dog we opted for a TPLO operation. The specialist vets at East Neuk in Fife did an amazing job with him and I can’t thank them enough. When we felt he was ready he also visited Brid for physio and she slowly built up the muscle in his back leg, giving me exercises to do at home with him. I don’t think he appreciated the wobble board very much, but it was very useful.
He is quite a sensitive little dog, but Brid dealt with him very professionally and he would eventually relax in her care. At the end of July approx. 7 months post-op he resumed competing in agility slowly building up his runs. We are steadily getting our act together and last month we were fortunate to win a class and go up another grade.
Thank you once again to my vet and to Brid, who together did the most wonderful job with my dogs and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Lesley Hicks
Some of Twist's Xrays. of his stifle after his operation...