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How do I know if my animal needs physiotherapy?

Often animals cannot tell us where their pain is, and part of their nature is to trying to hide their discomfort.
They do however, try to tell us in many ways…
  •   Behavioural problems e.g.bucking,napping,
  •   schooling issues
  •   reduced performance
  •   reluctance to achieve tasks previously achieved
  •   difficulty obtaining a top line
  •   tacking up behavioural issues
 And many more!

All of these can be a product of muscle tightness or weakness, joint stiffness or degeneration, muscle spasm, tendon and muscle strains, specific injuries, or an unknown underlying issue.
Don`t wait until you detect a problem. Prevention is better than cure! Organise regular checkups tailored to your horses needs.
  • Deterioration in performance
  • Difficulty maintaining an outline
  • Difficulty in engaging hindquarters
  • Reluctant to go forward
  • Poor balance during lateral work
  • Poor  transitions
  • Loss of jumping capacity
  • Muscle imbalance/atrophy
  • Pre-post competition
  • Sore back
  • Stiffness and resistance
  • Napping, rearing, bucking
  • Disunited in canter
  • Uneven shoe wear
  • Lameness
  • After an injury
  • Post surgery
  • Ill fitting saddle