alba physiotherapy - Chartered Veterinary and Human Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy can help any horse either young or old, happy hacker to performance or sport horses. 
The following conditions are some of many conditions treated:
  • Back, neck and pelvic pain- including saddle related back pain
  • Compensatory problems due to underlying lameness
  • Nerve injuries
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Rider related problems
  • Tendon injury
  • Muscle strains/tears, soft tissue injuries
  • Joint problems- including arthritis/degenerative joint disease, pain/swelling/stiffness in joints
  • Injury fall or trips
  • Aches, pains and stiffness associated with the ageing process
  • Performance Problems
  • Maintenance of high performance (all equine disciplines)
  • Screening for potential problems both pre and post competition to prevent injury and performance decline