alba physiotherapy - Chartered Veterinary and Human Physiotherapy Services
Brid has been treating my horses for over two years especially Serenade, a young mare who was very stiff mainly underneath the saddle area, upper back over thoracic spine, neck especially C4, 5 area and brachioephailcus muscle.
I would highly recommend Brid to anyone who is looking for a good horse physio, she has a natural and gentle way with the horses that helps them to relax and gain trust in her. Brid is very thorough and explains in great detail what her findings are and how she is going to treat the problem areas. Brid also guides you on gentle exercises you can do with your own horse to help them supple up before being ridden. I am delighted with the results which were very evident when shortly after treatment, Serenade went on to win at Doune and she felt absolutely amazing.
Charlotte Sleigh