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We Help People in Inverness and The Highlands to Get Back to Being Active and Fit, Live Without Painkillers and the Fear of Re-Injuring and to Return to Their Normal Day-to-Day Life That They Love

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We treat all ages! Most frequently people aged 40+ who are often dependent on the support of pain killers to resolve long standing and life limiting problems and who are desperate to get back to being active, healthy and fit again and are anxious to avoid recurring or further injuries, the natural way. 

At Alba physiotherapy, we love to help people get their lives back on track and live without painkillers. Where you don't have to worry about going back to the doctor. Most especially being able to do the things you love doing without worrying about setbacks.

Free of pain and stress...

A body free of pain and stress leads to a healthy mind. We offer a range of options for people to continue their journey from a whole new perspective.

We take the time to get to the root of the problem. A tension, tweak or small niggle that may have been ignored! We love to see how people respond with hope when we can assure them that life for them will not only get better but that we will help them to new horizons that did not seem possible.

We see many cases of issues that started off as something 'small' like a niggle, tension or tweak and have been ignored hoping for the problem to disappear consistently but have worsened.

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Want Help to Decide if Physiotherapy is Right For You?

*Note: there is no treatment given at one of our discovery sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

About Alba Physiotherapy and our Commitment

Alba Physiotherapy
Alba Physiotherapy - live without painkillers
Alba Physiotherapy

Whether you are seeking answers to your pain, or run out of options as you’ve tried so many other things. Weary of taking pills and want to live without painkillers! We at Alba Physiotherapy can help you get back to being active, stay fit and get your pain eased. We see a broad spectrum of issues most of which we eliminate by treating and guiding people back to a good quality of life. Every patient is unique and will receive full support and guidance to achieve their maximum potential. Whether you have had pain that has been going for a long time, or a sudden sports injury, getting to the root of the issue is paramount.

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Brid Walsh
Brid Walsh
Brid Walsh

About Brid Walsh

Principal Physiotherapist

Brid has been a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist for over 11 years with an Honours Degree in Sports and Exercise Science and a qualified Fitness Instructor. She came to work in the Highlands and loved the people and the outdoor lifestyle. With the encouragement of many people in the Highlands she decided to establish Alba Physiotherapy to support their needs.

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What Other People Are Saying About Alba Physiotherapy

"There's nothing to be skeptical about - there's no magic goes on... It's pure physical, hands-on treatment which I don't believe you can get on the NHS any more"

Les - live without painkillers


"Even just walking down to hang out the washing and stuff like that, it was sore all the time... I thought it would get better the more walking I did, but it didn't"

Maggie - live without painkillers


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