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When it comes to neck pain or neck and shoulder pain, the big Questions we get asked is

‘Why is This Happening to Me? - We also regularly see people who have come because they felt it was ‘spreading to their shoulders’ or spreading from their shoulders to their neck! Many people don’t realise that this nagging pain or tension felt in either shoulder or the neck are absolutely connected. Have you ever had a massage which eased your neck tension but you felt your shoulders afterwards? I like to akin the shoulder and neck to 2 cousins in a playground! You don’t have 1 up to mischief without the other having some involvement!! Imagine what they get up to when left to their own devises, let alone after a time!! Your neck and shoulders are the same.

People also want to know why is it coming and going? Painkillers help sometimes but not others - why? Why can I get some relief from heat but can’t from anything else? Why does neck stretches NOT work!!

Does this sound Familiar to what’s happened to You?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we have an abundance of information BUT its unfortunately too easy to get confused. Add to the fact that you will have been told different things, by different people. Unfortunately, not all of it is either TRUE or HELPFUL. It’s confusing to find the root cause of your neck and shoulder pain. To give this the attention it deserves, merely focusing on the sore area, does NOT work!!

Many patients who suffered from Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain are tormented with the fear of what caused it-

Maybe I shouldn’t have bent down that way that morning and it wouldn’t have ‘gone’.

I wish I hadn’t slept funny that night, I injured my shoulder a long time ago is this what it stems from?

...the list goes on.

The true reality often resides in the fact that YES you felt pain at that moment, but its highly likely that it wasn’t THAT action that got you there…it was years and years of poor posture, prolonged sitting for example on the computer or driving, that cause your muscles and joints to be under tension the pain you felt from lifting, turning sharply to look around when reversing, Picking your grandchild up…was the EFFECT from a lifetime of that….I like to refer to it as THE ACCUMULATION Factor.

If you don’t know what the right thing to do for this, and often you have tried and followed several bits of advice…. neck pain can be really confusing and frustrating. It creeps into every aspect of your life. Sadly, it often adds to those feelings of ‘hopelessness’ and ‘frustration’ making the list even longer of things that ‘just didn’t work for you’. We often see many patients who feel that they need to ‘accept and put up with their pain’ as it’s here to stay forever.

Do You Ever Feel This Way?

If You’re Currently living with and Suffering from Neck & Shoulder Pain, go through this quick check list to see if any of these reasons are causing your Neck & Shoulder Pain to last longer:

  • 1. You thought and hoped it would just go away on its own
  • 2. You've gone to the GP’s, often a few times. Tried to Rest and taking the painkillers, but it’s hard to rest and although the pain killers helped for a short while, your Neck and shoulder pain was just as bad when they wore off and you were in constant fear of it striking again.…. Added to that, medication just made you feel horrible so you couldn’t keep taking them all the time.
  • 3. A friend, family member or even a therapist told you that EVERYBODY gets Neck and Shoulder Pain, especially when you are ‘getting older’. You should do what they did, just accept it and get on with it.
  • 4. You've tried other sports Therapists, Physios, and complimentary techniques but nothing they could do or advice seemed to help
  • 5. You tried exercises from the internet and even tried going to a personal trainer, but those exercises made your Neck and Shoulder pain worse
  • 6. Tried to Rest as you hadn’t been able to give that a proper go when you were told to initially. It ended up making your back even more stiff and more tight!!
  • 7. You’ve tried a few ‘massages’, some very painful and some relaxing- all of which you thought should help as no pain no gain…. but they didn’t do anything to fix it in the long term…

We'd love to hear from you...

If any of these happened to you- we would love to hear from you by inviting you to book a call to chat with one of our neck and shoulder pain physios at our Inverness Physiotherapy Clinic to find out what you can do to finally help. The great thing about trying things that haven’t worked, (and we forget about this positive), is that you are one more step closer to finding out the thing that does work! As we see this ALL the time, we like to cut the tiring steps out and get onto helping you feel a whole lot better.

Click the link below to book a call with our Neck and Shoulder Pain Physio to get some solid advice over the phone. At Alba Physiotherapy, it is our passion to help people in pain and discomfort, get back to the live the life they loved to lead. This call is complimentary, at no cost and with no obligation to book appointments. We want to help you make the right decision about what to do next that’s best for you.

What can I do to get rid of MY Neck & Shoulder Pain as Quickly as possible?

Here’s 4 things to try today:

  • 1. Firstly, we get caught in a cycle where we can’t decide about getting help. You have tried things, they haven’t worked so patients often find themselves living with Neck and Shoulder issues and just hoping it will go away. We put off deciding about getting help and suddenly feel ourselves 6 months down the line, nothing has changed except how much you have to watch what you do. It’s important to decide to do something about your Pain Today!
  • 2. Next, and most importantly…. If you’re going to try exercises- get the RIGHT exercises! Doing the Right Exercises, at the RIGHT time can help to reduce your Pain, get you moving more freely AND help to PREVENT your Neck or Shoulder ‘going’ again. It is worth noting at this point, there are some cases where exercises are NOT what you need depending on your stage of problems. Speak to your Physiotherapist to find out what you should or even shouldn’t be doing. If you think about it…The head is HEAVY, so if you try and do even basic stretches for your neck and shoulder, it can aggravate the issue.


  • 3. Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Ever tried to get out of the car after a drive down the A9, getting up from the sofa after watching a good movie? Motion is Lotion!! Rest, and most especially sitting for long periods of time makes your Neck and Shoulders feel stiff and tight. The right advice on how to combat this for better posture, along- side hands-on treatment can get you back healthy and active again as quickly as possible. Remember, the accumulation factor means your muscles and joints have adapted to your lifestyle…any compensatory mechanisms need to be ironed out first!
  • 4. Get physiotherapy that includes lots of treatment options including ‘hands-on’. Physio Is proven to help people who suffer from Neck and Shoulder Pain. At Alba Physiotherapy, it is one of the TOP problems we see DAILY. If your Neck and Shoulder Pain is affecting how you live your life, your job, what Quality activities you can do with your friends and family, and most especially affecting you, Physio can help get you back to living life, the way you want, to as soon as possible.

How can we help...

If you would like to know how Alba Physiotherapy in Inverness can help you get Your Neck and Shoulders Back on Track, we would love you to join us for a Free Discovery Visit. This is a 20-minute consultation with a Neck and Shoulder Pain Physiotherapist to discuss your Neck and Shoulder issues and the impact it is having on you. It is ideal for someone who is nervous about coming to Physio, is unsure whether this is the right option for them AND who wants to get to the bottom of what is wrong- with no obligation or commitment to further treatment. Our goal at Alba Physiotherapy is to get you back quicker. If we think that Physio is NOT right for you, we will tell you.

Here Are some of the Things our Patients with Neck & Shoulder Pain have reported that we have done for them within a few sessions

  • "I hadn’t realised how I actually couldn’t look over my shoulder! It was only until someone joked with me while I was reversing the car as to how I had to turn my whole body. The Alba Physio team immediately found the root cause of the problem, quickly got my neck moving again and helped me strengthen my spine. I hadn’t appreciated the link between everything. Now my back feels better, AND I can reverse the car without issue… which comes in handy"
  • "I'd stopped lifting things and using my right shoulder to save it, but started to panic when my left shoulder started to go. We thought it was spreading! I wouldn’t have believed it was coming from my neck until I felt the massive improvement with treatment. Now I can use both arms without flinching and I am stronger than ever."
  • "You have given me a GAP in the Pain, which has allowed me think! Something I haven’t been able to do properly in awhile. That then turns into me being able to DO things I haven’t even been able to think of doing for a long time"
  • "I thought I had run out of options, and had accepted that without even fully realising. I wish I had come sooner, even to learn and see that there is hope, it’s just getting on the right track that is key. Finding out the root cause within 20 minutes of going to Alba Physio was a great relief"

Don't put up with pain and stiffness...

  • "I never realised how much I was putting up with the pain and stiffness. Being zapped of energy, and finding that I was reaching my tolerance limit regularly throughout the day. My sleep was affected which I just took as normal with pain- Within a session, I saw the difference it was having in my life and how it’s hard to know what it’s like to live without pain, until you have a decrease in pain!!!"
  • "I was living on Painkillers- I didn’t take them all them like I was originally advised, but when I look back on it. Taking them more and more frequently was worrying me. Getting the right advice and the right treatment, helped me get my health back on track"
  • "I'd tried exercises, rest, everything. It wasn’t until I went to Alba Physiotherapy that I realised I needed to resolve how my body compensated for my pain, which was years in the making, in order to get the full benefit out of all things I was meant to be doing"
  • "I thought before I went to Alba Physiotherapy my only options left were steroid injections or failing I'm so glad I found out, before it was too late, that there are far more options that this!"

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