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Veterinary Hydrotherapy

At Alba Physiotherapy we are fortunate to be able to provide an advanced rehabilitation unit for our small animals, equipped with an extended underwater treadmill with and incline/decline feature as well as a ‘doggie gym’!

These provide specific benefits for our patients. 

Hydrotherapy uses the warmth of the water to help soothe muscles and provide pain relief for your pet.

The support of the water reduces the concussive forces and impact going through their joints and bodies. This allows gentle and controlled rehabilitation and strengthening exercises to help build strength, and get active range of motion in joints. Our water temperature is set to a proven therapeutic temperature for soothing and relaxing muscles. 

The viscosity of the water helps with circulation, passing oxygen and nutrients around the body which helps healing and reducing inflammation and swelling.

The buoyancy and viscosity of the water in the underwater treadmill improves balance and gives your pet a stronger core, building confidence and encouraging repair of neural pathways by building proprioception, the ability to know their body position and improve their movement, helping your animal get back to being themselves again. This will also help to prevent injuries in the future. 

The water provides resistance which increases muscle bulk to protect the joints. 

The underwater treadmill and rehab exercises provide a natural way to achieve weight loss, toning, cardiovascular fitness and aids to prevent further injuries.

At Alba Physiotherapy, all of our patients will firstly have a land-based physiotherapy assessment so that an individual program bespoke to your animal can be devised. We also provide ‘desensitisation programmes’ to help animals that may be worried, reactive or dislike water. We work with animals who are often very fearful to have anyone touch or work work with them in building their confidence, reducing their pain and helping them to have a positive and enjoyable experience.

Underwater treadmill therapy helps with many conditions. Here are a few…

  • arthritis and arthritis prevention to build muscles
  • post surgery to get a faster and more complete return to function
  • weight reduction allowing overweight animals to safely exercise and burn calories
  • athletes, agility, fly ball, canicross, improving fitness and building muscle

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