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We Are Hiring! Physiotherapist Wanted!

Position: Staff Physiotherapist

  • Are you truly passionate about physiotherapy and making a difference in people's lives... and just wish you had the time and freedom to make a difference?
  • Are you eager to learn and drive advancements in musculoskeletal and sporting injury assessment and treatments?
  • Do you value continuing education and a unique learning environment to grow yourself personally and professionally?
  • Are you feeling challenged enough in your current position to encourage you to be creative with your treatment methods?

We Might Just Be the Perfect Place for You!

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We are so excited to be growing our team at Alba Physiotherapy!! We are looking to add a Physiotherapist and we don’t want "just anyone". We want someone who wants to work in a small team environment, has a passion for helping others, and has a positive outlook on life.

We want someone who is dedicated to lifelong learning, growing personally and professionally, and establishing a “family-like” connection with each client so they understand the value of choosing our practice.


If you are about to qualify, or have qualified as a therapist and looking for a new challenge, check out my top tips to help get you in the right position to choose the RIGHT job to accelerate your career and ensure you achieve maximum fulfilment and satisfaction.

My name is Brid Walsh and I run a very successful physiotherapy clinic in Inverness and if you're a therapist looking for a job in the Highlands or you want to know ways to improve your career prospects, I've got some great tips for you!

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Over the years, I have worked with people like you both newly qualified and highly experienced physiotherapists, helping them navigate their way through their career. I have put together my top tips for physios to activate the fastest way to accelerate your career, profitability and fulfilment.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Top Tips on how to accelerate your physiotherapy career

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Then sign up for our FREE webinar with Brid Walsh, Founder of Alba Physiotherapy. I have over 13 years experience working with people in the therapy industry and I work with people like you all the time. Based on all my years of mentoring and working with clinicians and soon-to-be clinicians just like you and gives you the top tips and what has been tried, tested and proved to work to maximise our fullest potential, be the best therapist you can be and how to make the best career choices.

Places are limited to ensure individual attention and will be based on a first come, first served basis. Click the yellow button below and enter your details to find out more...

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